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Man with long hair smiling at camera

Hey! Welcome to Couch Rugby.

My name is Will, I have been a lifelong Rugby Union fan and I film these videos from my couch. Welcome to Couch Rugby! I love to watch, analyse and discuss the game, and share my knowledge with anyone who wants to learn. Through my series of videos, I hope to help you understand how to play the game, the role of each position in the game, what exactly is a 'ruck', and much more.  

South African born and raised, I have grown up watching and playing this incredible game and continue to enjoy watching with my family and friends. Now living in Australia, I am still a dedicated Springboks fan, but I truly enjoy watching all games and all teams, and am here sharing my love of the game with hopes to help others learn the intricacies of Rugby Union.

Let's get started ...

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